Basic Navigation Course

Interested in becoming more independent in the Hills? Join us on an introductory full day course. Female led by Kathryn, who is ML qualified with over a decade of experience as a Mountain Guide.


Approx 8km throughout the day.




focus on Navigation Teaching 

Upcoming Dates 

Saturday, 10th July - 2021 


The course is aimed for complete beginners or those who wish to recap of the basics.

Topics covered on the course;

Types of maps & scale
Compasses & its parts
Map Legend & identifying symbols
Orientating the map using compass & features
Intro to the D’s of navigate - Direction, Distance, Destination, Duration & Description
Mountain features & terminology

We aim to equip you with the basic knowledge to get started in becoming self-sufficient in the mountains. This course would be a great option before committing to the Mountain Skills course.