This is a living document that we will continue to adapt to the ever changing climate crisis. We will continue to educate ourselves and follow through our commitments. We will review annually on or before 12 May

To ensure our tourism business is viable in the long term, we at Two Rock Outdoor will endeavour to protect and enhance the environment on which our livelihood depends ensuring an outstanding experience for our clients.

We aspire to:

  • Ensure a fair economic advantage to all communities we visit. 

  • Minimise as much as possible our economic, social and environmental impacts.

  • Commit to align ourselves with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and changing models for a more sustainable tourism sector

We view climate change as an issue of 'complexity' with interlinked thresholds and tipping points; that pollution, ocean acidification, biodiversity loss, global warming, economics, ozone layer depletion, Carbon and Methane emissions as per our planetary boundaries are interrelated and a holistic approach to sustainabilty must urgently be taken. We agree to embrace transparency and accountability as our sustainability pillars as we map out our route to becoming a more sustainable business.

“We are a signatory of the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism.”

Darran is currently undertaking a Diploma in Enviornment, Sustainability and Climate with University College Cork

Sustainability Policy

  • Vision/mission/company ethos

    At Two Rock Outdoor every hike, event, and tour is guided with safety, conservation and preservation in the heart of our business. We believe in education through experience, keeping groups small and following the principles of Leave No Trace. We further work to not just to protect but improve where possible the environment and ecosystems on which our business depends.

    It is our vision to facilitate sustainable growth in the area of hillwalking and climbing on the Island of Ireland and become an industry leader in the area of sustainable mountain recreation. We are aware that our business activities impact upon the environment and we are fully committed to alleviating these negative impacts.

  • UNWTO definition
  • Renewable Energy Supplier
  • Continuous improvement
  • Measuring and reducing negative impacts
  • Ethical purchasing
  • Carbon management
  • Responsible sustainability marketing
  • Social responsibility
  • Supporting Biodiversity & Conservation
  • Signed